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Author Topic:   jar - On Christianity
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08-27-2006 6:57 PM
Reply to: Message 22 by Cold Foreign Object
08-27-2006 5:22 PM

Re: TEists/Jar belong to Satan
You are absolutely correct. Jar's ideas = the status quo. His beliefs and opinions are freak when compared next to the objective claims of the Bible.

wow ray good redefinition of objective; if you and others can't agree on what the bible says its not by nature objective. oh and your beliefs are no where near what the bible says eather, you are bogged down in legalism and forget the spirit of christ

TEists/Jar are the majority, they oppose the Bible tooth and nail while claiming Christian status. We know real Christians do just the opposite, that is, defend the Bible tooth and nail. IN the Bible the Pharisees are the type of the religious establishment, and they opposed Christ tooth and nail.

you don't know a damn thing about the pharisees. they opposed christ, because of the messiah claim that disrupted thier control and society. the jews wanted a messiah, but jesus really didn't fit, but most jews didn't care, legalism is a nasty thing

n other words, we have a perfect match: TEist majority as best typified by Jar corresponds to theist Pharisee majority. Both are majorities and both oppose Christ while THINKING that they are for God.

you only agree with the majority if they agree with you right?

We know Jesus is the ultimate Authority, and Jar claims to be His follower. Listen to Jesus's objective identification of the theist majority who THINK they are God's

and what do the pharisees have to do with jar or TEists? the pharisees's made up laws and split hairs to make peoples lives harder and yet didn't take the laws onto themselves, evidence jar or any TEist does this? otherwise this is a false claim and a sin of false witness

Jesus identifies the majority as liars belonging to Satan. The Pharisees and TEists are a perfect match. Both oppose Christ (in the flesh, Pharisees) and in the Logos/written word (Bible, TEists deny Christological lineage from the first man Adam, and many other scriptural declarations in favor of atheist nonsense).

evidence that TEists say this? they say god created life through evolution, they deny a LITERIAL genesis ray, they don't deny christ, the fact that the authors believed in the linage doesn't make it true.

How do we explain Pharisees/TEists/Jar's beliefs about themselves, that is, belonging to God ?

you are just making things up?

Both majorities think they represent God. The theist majority IN the Bible corresponds to a theist majority in reality, both are shown to belong to Satan while thinking that they belong to God. Typological claim of truth is sustained.

so.. following all of gods rules, faith in jesus as savior and messiah and his death wiping away sin doesn't equal a christian then?
you also have to believe in a literal genesis even though there is more evidence of evolution and none for a literal genesis, yot to be a christian in your mind you have to believe the bible and not your own eyes ray?
i mean you basicly are calling the god who created this world a lier if the earth conflicts with the bible, but of course the real creation that god created isn't importatant its the bloody book written long after the creation that was created by COMMITY and is claimed to be inspired by god thats right!

good lord Ray this is pure projection on your part, i think deep down your soul is maybe trying to tell you something

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