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Author Topic:   The Mammuthus Moment: Are You a Neanderthal?
John A. Davison 
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10-30-2004 11:48 AM
Reply to: Message 14 by Mammuthus
10-11-2004 3:57 AM

I always assumed that Neanderthal was our ancestor for the simple reason that there was no other known hominid around that could qualify. H. sapiens surely was not created de novo as the Fundies might believe. I mention this because so many people think I am a Fundamentalist creationist which is utter nonsense. I suspect that we were derived from Neanderthal in a single saltational step which involved the silencing and activation of a number of genes. I also don't see how it could conceivably have been done gradually or through the accumulation of allelomorphic mutations. Excuse my heresy.

John Amerpohl Davison

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