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Author Topic:   Self-Replicating Molecules - Life's Building Blocks (Part II)
Wounded King
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04-18-2011 6:20 PM
Reply to: Message 13 by Hunter
04-18-2011 5:01 PM

Re: Probability
This doesn't even touch the probability of thousands of these protein molecules forming into DNA strands; which turns out to be 1 in 10^40,000.

I'm surprised it isn't a whole lot more than that considering that DNA is not composed of proteins.

It is massive biology fails like this undercut any point you may be trying to make. Given that you lack even a basic grasp of molecular biology it is hard to believe that you nevertheless have a cogent and sophisticated critique based on it up your sleeve.

And that is before we even start on the flaws in your grasp of arguing from probability.



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