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Author Topic:   Abiogenesis - Or Better Living Through Chemistry
Brad McFall
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04-01-2002 1:45 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Quetzal
02-27-2002 4:57 AM


to speak rightly, I mean correctly about this grand assymetry that was not a proximate exclaimation of one of Pasteur's students on a location in histology, I, BSM, have given this some thought concluding that if linear inertia be the content of any DNA information then base pariing whether chemcially (acridines) or not is rotation founding the inertia sort that works wholly in nature on the force of torque and could be the physico-chemical matrix from which any morphophemetrics has an acutally as opposed to mere affine geometric reality that may also help in working out in the equations of the electro-tonic state.

This merely is the only force I am willing to accept in trying to think about any idea that connect life and non-life. I do not think it myopic. You may?

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 Message 1 by Quetzal, posted 02-27-2002 4:57 AM Quetzal has not yet responded

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