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Author Topic:   Abiogenesis - Or Better Living Through Chemistry
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Message 38 of 85 (10879)
06-03-2002 10:15 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Quetzal
02-27-2002 4:57 AM

Good exposition Quetzal
A question: During the time of prebiotic evolution, Earth was under an intense bombardment of spatial debris. Some of the impacts were so big as to evaporate all the water and eradicate the incipient life. Perhaps the possibility of life surviving (or even surging) in subterranean niches, should be added to the list.

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06-04-2002 11:05 AM
Reply to: Message 40 by Quetzal
06-04-2002 9:26 AM

Quetzal, I've read two books on the matter: "The deep hot biosphere" by Thomas Gold, and "The fifth miracle" by Paul Davies. There are some Astrobiology web pages that mention the hypothsesis:




I have read somewhere that big sterilizing impacts could have lasted as late as 3,8 billions years ago. Any way, if by 3,5 billion years forms of life as complex as cyanobacteria (stromatolites) were already present, the time for life to evolve seems a little scarce. Here is where the possibility of life surviving underground fits nicely.

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