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Author Topic:   New Planet - - - possible life?
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01-04-2008 4:02 PM
Reply to: Message 20 by tymygy
01-04-2008 3:52 PM

Hi, tymygy. Welcome to EvC.

Gah! Just saw Nosy's warning. Content hidden.


the probibility of us coming here by accident is 10 to the 40,000 power.

First, sentences begin with capital letters. Second, it is spelled probability. Finally, what you have said is nonsense. "Coming here by accident" has no meaning outside of creationist propaganda. It is hard to judge the accuracy of you number here without know exactly what it is that you are referring to. I suggest that you restate your point a bit more precisely since it'll make it easier for you when I ask you to provide the calculations for this statement.


anything over 10 to the power of 50 is accounted impossible in science and mathematics.

I'll say that as someone with degrees in both science and mathematics, this is not true. Impossible would be a probability of 0.

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