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Author Topic:   Biogenesis
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07-29-2008 8:09 PM

Merely Miraculous
Everyone here, except AlphaOmegakid of course, are right. You’re all looking at the same thing from different perspectives.

DNA/RNA/Proteins are “mere” chemicals. Religionists think only their gods can make miracles. Well, mere chemicals can as well.

There is more to DNA than just nucleo-bases, more then mere chemistry. This has nothing to do with anything supernatural, “life essence” or metaphysical magic. This has to do with the miracle that chemicals can spontaneously group into mega-molecules with a structure that we, humans, intelligent and wise, recognize as a digital code.

We actually understand this code. We have deciphered its structure and its operation. When an element in the code changes so does the output, the protein, in a consistent and predictable way. The operation of the code and the information it contains transcend its “mere” chemical nature as it exhibits properties we can describe as miraculous.

Folks, it is a digital code. It is information. It is also mere chemistry.

To ascribe anything more to this miracle than what it is, is foolish. To ascribe to it anything less is equally foolish.

Think about it. Mere chemicals producing a molecular-based code that reproduces itself and its extended embodiments through billions of years. Molecular codes, messenger protein cascades, the Krebs cycle, blood clot cascade, mitosis, meiosis, halitosis, all done by “mere” chemicals in the blind interactions of undirected chemistry following only their electro-magnetic properties as a guide. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

No wonder the religionists see gods. They cannot comprehend the true nature of the miracle we witness; that dead, lifeless, blind chemicals can coalesce into mega-structures that contemplate their existence and the stars.

With power like this who needs gods.

bluegenes writes:

That, in itself, should be enough to make us all into nature worshippers.

All of you, on your way home stop by the side of the road and hug a tree.

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 Message 149 by Fosdick, posted 07-29-2008 9:12 PM AZPaul3 has responded

Posts: 5312
From: Phoenix
Joined: 11-06-2006
Member Rating: 2.7

Message 161 of 312 (477113)
07-30-2008 11:10 AM
Reply to: Message 149 by Fosdick
07-29-2008 9:12 PM

Re: Merely Miraculous
Hoot Mon writes:

Then abiogenesis had to be even more "miraculous." From soupy molecules to a digital code had to be one heck of an evolutionary trip.

Indeed, one heck of a miraculous trip. We may not know for certain, and may never know for certain, how it all happened, but we are getting closer to identifying some of the baby steps that would be necessary over 10 or 100 or a million years to accomplish.

This is just sooo off-topic. I'll stop.

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 Message 149 by Fosdick, posted 07-29-2008 9:12 PM Fosdick has not yet responded

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