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Author Topic:   A Logical account of creation
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12-24-2009 1:28 AM
Reply to: Message 138 by traste
12-24-2009 12:29 AM

Re: Scientific laws
I,am sure that he exist, but I,am not sure that you know him.

What's wrong with you?

I'm pretty sure he does know him, because it's frigging Carl Woese, discover of Archaea as a separate kingdom, developer of the current 3-kingdom 23-division classification system, and one of the fathers of the whole "RNA World" hypothesis !!! It's from a review, and he's not talking about the theory itself, he's talking about the way it is presented by Walter Gilbert in 1986, as a property of the soup without specifying a power source. Several potential power sources were known then, such as hot lava, and many more, such as iron pyrites and radioactive beaches, have been proposed since.

The reason you don't know who he is is because he threatens creationists who try to associate his work with their nonsense. For this reason, the places doing your quote-mining for you fail to mention his name and also garble selected words in the pseudo-quotes, just as in your example. ("failed to explained") This is the sort of dishonesty we have come to expect from those whose faith consists of intently "believing things they know to be untrue."

So far as I know, his threats don't include legal action or any such "fair warning" activity. He is a microbiologist and winner of the Leeuwenhoek Medal, the highest prize in the field. He knows about you now, as Google will spider this site in the next few hours or less. He won't have any trouble finding out who and where you are, as the University of Illinois proxies much of the net and mirrors most of the rest.

Do you have any clue how much trouble you are in? He is a microbiologist.

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