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Author Topic:   A Logical account of creation
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03-28-2007 9:38 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by platypus
01-11-2007 6:59 PM

a number of problems arise here , apart from the whole issue of creating anything .

firstly you dont have any of the major forms of plants or animals or fungi living in isolation , the are all part of a giant ecosystem called life , there is no good creating a plant with out creating something to fix nitrogen for the plant , no good creating a mammal unless you create some thing for it to feed on ie plants or other animals , so you have to in one shot create a whole range of interelated lifeforms ,all interdependant on each other .

well actual you done need to do that , cos if you can create living creatures i guess you can just make the world obey any rules you see fit , and you just create a world where 4.5 billion years ago one of each kind formed , then create the intervening history and start the time running from yesterday and no one will know .

once you accept creation its kind of hard to apply any sort of limit to the creator

in fact may be the creator created a universe where life does arise from a chemical soup and then evoles into diverse life forms !

strange world we live in , or so im told ..)

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