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Author Topic:   A Logical account of creation
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07-25-2009 10:21 AM
Reply to: Message 73 by ICANT
07-25-2009 9:57 AM

Re: Re plants
Could it have been the plants God made in Genesis 2:9 produced the seed that God refered to in Genesis 1:11.

That would solve the problem as the only thing created on earth before those plants was one man.

Yea I know that makes things be out of order. But hey man has been arranging things in the wrong order since the beginning of time.

But to the title of the topic 'A Logical account of creation'.

If things were created by God. I believe they were.

The plants had to be created before they could produce seed.

Therefore the seed in Genesis 1:11 had to come from the plants created in Genesis 2:9.

I am not tackling Gen 1. Gen 2 is a different matter. The only plants missing and created after Adam are plants of the field. The term "of the field" is used in contrast to the term wild as in wild beasts and beasts of the field. This would mean non-wild, or domestic. Even scientists say domestic plants appeared after man appeared. Gen 2 is an accurate depiction of the domestication of plants, even to the very mountain. Gen 1? well, you have a strong case there.

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