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Author Topic:   A response to evolutionists
Tranquility Base
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Message 37 of 53 (19048)
10-04-2002 2:01 AM
Reply to: Message 35 by Andya Primanda
10-03-2002 4:23 AM


Bart very well is trying to point out that a lot of what you think are unbiased facts are actually biased suppositons.

Statements of 'paraphylicity' or 'convergent evolution' or 'this fossil was folded in' are rarely facts They are suppositions consistent with the evolutionary framework and do not rule out alternative viewpoints. Within your framework they are highly logical observations and exceptions.

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 Message 35 by Andya Primanda, posted 10-03-2002 4:23 AM Andya Primanda has not yet responded

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