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Author Topic:   What is life?
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09-06-2015 1:02 PM
Reply to: Message 28 by GW1971
08-25-2015 5:27 AM

If you look at the seven pillars ...

Islam? If not, then to what are you referring? How can we look at the seven pillars when we have no idea which seven pillars you are talking about?

Also, we must be careful not to be misled by language. When DNA sequences were discovered they appeared to be some kind of code, so we started called them that. Just because our von Neumann machines (AKA, "computers" -- there are many different ways you could design a computer; ours are based on the von Neumann design) also have code doesn't mean that computer code and DNA code are the same thing. Nor does that necessarily mean that they are utilized in the same manner; eg, computer code is a series of instructions for moving binary data about in order to accomplish various tasks, whereas if anything DNA "code" is mostly pure data which translates to amino acid sequences.

Analogies are nice for helping us to explain and understand things, but we mislead ourselves when we take analogies too far.

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