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Author Topic:   questions evolutionists can't or won't answer
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Message 81 of 141 (14595)
07-31-2002 8:45 PM
Reply to: Message 55 by derwood
06-27-2002 2:00 PM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by SLPx:

One of my Favorite Flaws
--Even crude mathematical models can demonstrate (and can be field-tested) that any species wishing to evolve significantly (into another species) would require a time period of at least one quadrillion years, a body length of one or fewer centimeters, and a generation cycle of no more than three months. Biology is more fun than math (to me), but it leaves excess room for debate (which is also fun).

Hmmmmm- crude being the operative word here? And does this mean that SLPx accepts that very small organisms can evolve into other species? Better than nothing I guess....


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