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Author Topic:   questions evolutionists can't or won't answer
axial soliton
Inactive Member

Message 70 of 141 (14276)
07-28-2002 1:53 AM
Reply to: Message 3 by John Paul
05-24-2002 4:36 PM

In one man's opinion, Mr. Meert has the best approach for dealing with people who devoutly believe in creationism. After all these years, this is unfortunate. At least in this Century, we can have the debate without the creationists killing us. They used to kill scientists, you know. (Creationist humor.)

The evidence for evolution is everywhere. One just has to be inventive enough to know what he is looking at. Remember the colds and flu that most of us get several times during our lives? Well, rhino viruses........ evolve. The reason they evolve is because we evolve to beat their infection method. it takes place by a natural selection method. Your favorite creationist has caught a cold and accidentally sneezes in the face of a fellow creationist. The 2,000 base pairs in the DNA of this particular strain of cold virus is new to his body. Grevious infection begins. His immune system rushes trial and error antibodies through tests to find out which molecular binding mechanism works best with the protein coat around this new DNA. It gets hits in the tests. 100's of billions of copies of the newly minted antibody are hurriedly made. This takes about 2-3 days. The antibodies bind to the fresh viri and incapacitate them faster than the viri can infect new cells and incubate new copies of themselves. The tide turns. This virus lost the evolutionary/natural selection race to the creationist's immune system. But, lurking in back channels is a virus that mutated a base pair and formed a slightly different protein coat. While it has to lie low in this anti-evolution creationist, all it takes is a sneeze and.... This is a continuous process of natural selection that started with the first virus and ends when there are no more humans the virus can find. Evolution.

I wonder if Mr. John Paul thinks god created dinosuar bones without dinosaur flesh around them? Were there dinosaurs on the ark? I think we all know that dinosaurs were never mentioned in any book of the bible. How do creationists resolve the fact that their myths are predated by and promulgated from those of the Assyrians?

There was no first human. There was a series of steps in the transition between the animal that looked australopithecine and the one that looked H. neanderthalansis. Like the evolving virus. Now there is us.

It is hard for me to believe that an alien created us by intelligent design, or life in general, when life develops all by itself through chemical processes.

Evolution is real. The process of natural selection that fuels it began with the beginning of our solar system, in space. Does anyone know the trouble NASA goes through to try and disinfect spacecraft it sends to Mars? Who is willing to take the chance that the Mars probe bringing back samples to Earth won't bring strange bugs with it?

Creationists are in for an even bumpier ride.How about this:
http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/?id=1779 Mars once had oceans. Titan still does. Anthrax spores have survived in Antarctica for 90 years: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/07/22/tech/main515899.shtml
There is a reference to the discovery in a US lab of how to make viruses by the vat. I will be on the look-out for that for a different reason. Making life is learning to control chemical processes. The only mystery is that some people choose not to try and understand the step-by-step process scientists and engineers use when they do something new.

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axial soliton
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Message 77 of 141 (14456)
07-29-2002 11:33 PM
Reply to: Message 72 by derwood
07-29-2002 11:58 AM

"When one's argument is invalid, confound your opposition with minutia and protocol." I saw that in bold type on a note being passed among creationists.

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 Message 72 by derwood, posted 07-29-2002 11:58 AM derwood has not yet responded

axial soliton
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Message 82 of 141 (14623)
08-01-2002 3:50 AM
Reply to: Message 80 by John
07-31-2002 7:58 PM

Many tanks. Couldn't have done better. I have an idea. Let's debate the facts!

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 Message 80 by John, posted 07-31-2002 7:58 PM John has not yet responded

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