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Author Topic:   Transition from chemistry to biology
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Message 41 of 415 (82839)
02-03-2004 8:03 PM
Reply to: Message 39 by DNAunion
01-15-2004 6:38 PM

Re: ?
I think you need a tranquilizer mr. DNAunion.

If they produce life in the lab then they will have proved that life can be produced in the lab. From there we can deduce the minimum intelligence necessary to produce life from pre-existing materials God left around for us.

So its sort of like when your children learn how to get cereal out of the cupboard and milk from the fridge to make their breakfast. it's really nice to see that, but it represents a very limited amount of IQ power in comparison to providing those things in the first place.

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 Message 39 by DNAunion, posted 01-15-2004 6:38 PM DNAunion has not replied

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