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Author Topic:   Transition from chemistry to biology
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05-08-2004 3:22 PM

The two basic ingredients in living things is DNA molecules and protein molecules. DNA is a long string of repeated units called nucleotides or bases. A protein molecule is a long string of amino acids. In all forms of life, the sequence of DNA you inherit tells the cells how to line up amino acids to make each of the proteins responsible for structure and function. So the cell takes a look at the genetic code and says “ok there are these three beads of DNA over here… I’ll line up one amino acid over here...” and continues checking back and forth.

Well what about that relationship? Is that what you would expect by time chance and chemistry? At first you might say so because after all DNA is a string of bases, protein is a string of amino acids, and nothing is more natural then the reaction between acids and bases. So the evolutionist says “see – if you just wait long enough, bases will start lining up amino acids and life will begin just by time chance and chemistry, no creator is needed”. Exactly the opposite [is true]. The problem is that natural relationship between bases and acids is the wrong one as far as living things are concerned.

Bases and acids react alright – but when? At death! What is [biological] death anyway? It is the triumph of chemistry over biology. As soon as molecules in your body begin doing what they want to chemically, you begin to “return to the dust from which you are taken”. In DNA the bases stick out along the side of the chain. IN proteins the acids are part of the chain. If you let DNA and protein do what come naturally, it actually contributes to the aging process and finally the decomposition and destruction of life.

The living relationship, the one we need for living things, is using a series of bases taking 3 at a time to line up a series of amino acid R groups. Those groups can be acids… but they can also be base! Single ring, double ring, short chain, long chain, with or without sulfur – they can be almost anything chemically. The point is this – there is no natural tendency for a series of bases to line up a series of R groups. That relationship has to be imposed from the outside. At this fundamental level, then, we have evidence that life on earth is a product of special creation.

by: Dr. Gary Parker (doctorate in biology)
Author of 5 Biology Textbooks
Creation Scientist
(from the video "Evolution to Creation" from Answers in Genesis)

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