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Author Topic:   The Problems with Genesis: A Christian Evolutionist's View
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12-23-2010 5:02 PM
Reply to: Message 93 by Granny Magda
10-27-2010 5:37 PM

Re: Not a Time-Line
A few points and questions. If Genesis is not literal as you say, then the account of Jesus' lineage must not be literal either. Which then means that you just "throw out" anything that you don't want to research enough to get a clear answer.

A quick thing on creative "days". The Hebrew word "yom", which is translated as day in Genesis has many meanings. Hebrew only has about 8,700 words in its vocabulary where as English has about half a million. So translation is not a straight 1 to 1 equation. The word "yom" can mean anything from 12 hours (or the hours of daylight), sundown to sundown (24 hours), a general time period, a point in time, a generation. So in short the creative "day" could have been millions of years. (And probably were). After all we are still in the 7th creative day and its been over 6000 years since that started....

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