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Author Topic:   Definition of Species
Robert Byers
Member (Idle past 2952 days)
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From: Toronto,canada
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Message 432 of 450 (626077)
07-27-2011 1:31 AM

Classification I always read in pro-evolution material is open to change. tHey fight all the time.
Likewise creationists disagree.
I see kinds as very flexible and few.
I insist there is no divisions like mammals or reptilese etc. All there is IS minor like features for like needs among unrelated creatures.
The bible just says there are kinds. It does say there are birds or fowl of the air and so birdkind is not a kind. There are types of original birds.
on the ark there was a dove and a crow, I think,.
After the fall there was clean and unclean kinds.

so the creationist has only these boundaries.
So this creationist makes kinds more inclusive.
I say bears, dogs, seals etc are from the same pair off the ark.
Same shaped creatures are the same or close shaped creatures also.
All snakes are from the same pair and yet quite diverse.

Species is just a minor adaptation and probably in a fimpoverished world it sticks around more then it would of in a wealthy world.
I don't think species is a real boundary in biology.
Just adding my two cents to what creationists think on these things.

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Robert Byers
Member (Idle past 2952 days)
Posts: 640
From: Toronto,canada
Joined: 02-06-2004

Message 434 of 450 (626087)
07-27-2011 1:55 AM
Reply to: Message 433 by Coyote
07-27-2011 1:43 AM

Re: Hyperspeciation?
Nope. This creationist sees rapid diversity as a option within biblical boundaries.
I don't see years being needed but rather triggers in the bodies allowing the kids to be quite different from the parents.
I see all post flood diversity, a great deal, as done within a few centuries at most.
people changed just as quick.

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 Message 433 by Coyote, posted 07-27-2011 1:43 AM Coyote has responded

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