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Author Topic:   Definition of Species
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Message 407 of 450 (625687)
07-25-2011 4:28 AM
Reply to: Message 399 by Nuggin
07-25-2011 1:49 AM

Re: So much ***, so little time
Nuggin writes:
Your argument APPARENTLY (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is that since we have yet to discover life elsewhere in the Universe, there is no other life in the Universe.
Yeah, you've already been corrected but I'll correct you again. Your wrong.
I was under the impression that Science deals with evidence? You know, emperical evidence? Or is that only a sect of Science? How much assuming goes into the TOE? You say none? Oh, ok.
It's obsevable you say? The scienctific method? But, in order to make a point, you suspend all that by saying you cannot check the whole universe? LOL. Well, in that case all the fossils that have been found should not be evidence since there has to be MILLIONS more right? How can one make such a conclusion with only 1% of the fossil evidence?
Stop contadicting yourself. We havn't found other life, therefore as it stands, we conclude, there is none. Unless you are a pseudo sciency kind of guy? Did you like ET? Is that why your emotional about this subject? How long are you willing to wait for ET to reveal himself to you? Or till they find a tree on saturn?
Well, maybe the TOE should wait too. So, now were back to square one. Genesis is a good start. Read it, it will tell you what is happening today actually. The first clue is apple trees producing apples, pigs producing pigs, monkeys producing monkeys. Seems the Bible is true. Well, with what we can observe anyway, and not specualte

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