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Author Topic:   MACROevolution vs MICROevolution - what is it?
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01-21-2018 11:23 PM
Reply to: Message 897 by DOCJ
01-21-2018 9:02 PM

Re: adam, eve, and eden, but no flood ...

Science is the kinda stuff you can actually observe in a lab.

You mentioned Dark Energy and (early in the first second of the universe?) "inflation" as things that are something false.

But Creationists accept the expansion of the Universe and the creation of space,

Rapid "Dark Energy" (to create space faster) and much faster expansion of space (like early Universe "inflation" of Alan Guth) are the stuff that Creationists have been dreaming of.

Except they want a much wider application for such ideas.

They want Dark Energy to have started in millions of spots (not just a singularity)

And ultra fast inflation to explain our Universe's age to be much younger than 13.7 billion years.

See this thread.


I think 13.7 billion years is really young myself, but your problem is what exactly?

Take it to the thread in my link.

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