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Author Topic:   MACROevolution vs MICROevolution - what is it?
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02-14-2007 2:53 AM

Macro vs micro
While trying to get the folks at overwhelmingevidence to define what they meant by increases in information and function, someone made the claim that macroevolution needs increases in both, whereas microevolution needs neither. That sure cleared things up.

Edited by Hawks, : *Edited to change either to neither.

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05-30-2007 6:42 PM
Reply to: Message 63 by MartinV
05-30-2007 4:12 PM

Re: front-loaded macroevolution
Venter started with EST (Expressed Sequence Tag) which he obtained analyzing cDNA. As you know cDNA served only to store genes carried by RNA. They wanted to avoid to sequence junk DNA (Brenner for instance believed that junk DNA make 97% of DNA) so they focused their research on RNA where genes are present.

From the abstract of "The Sequence of the Human Genome" (Science, 16 Feb, 2001, vol 291, pp1304-1351):

A 2.91-billion base pair (bp) consensus sequence of the euchromatic portion of the human genome was generated by the whole-genome shotgun sequencing method. The 14.8-billion bp DNA sequence was generated over 9 months from 27,271,853 high-quality sequence reads (5.11-fold coverage of the genome) from both ends of plasmid clones made from the DNA of five individuals.

Celera might have started with EST's, but like most(all?) of their subsequent sequencing efforts, the sequencing of the human genome used the shotgun approach using nuclear DNA.

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 Message 63 by MartinV, posted 05-30-2007 4:12 PM MartinV has not yet responded

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