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Author Topic:   "Best" evidence for evolution.
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06-29-2019 9:33 AM
Reply to: Message 123 by Sarah Bellum
06-29-2019 8:40 AM

This is like playing a super-speeded-up recording of Gone With The Wind, watching it in nine minutes and then telling everyone the movie isn't really four hours long!

That's a good analogy. Faith is well-known for denying geological time and her calculations can be ignored.

The most rapid plate speeds are on the order of 10cm/year (relative motions) while the slowest are about a magnitude less. These speeds are directly measured and are also calculated from rock ages versus distance from their origin.

The geological evidence shows that the average rates of 'drift' have not changed much outside of the modern ranges over the last half-billion years. There have been times when the rates increased by (IIRC) 2x, such as during the Cretaceous Period. The evidence for this is greater volcanic production and transgression of the Cretaceous seas. I believe that this type of acceleration has occurred about 6 times since the beginning of the Cambrian Period about 540 million years ago.

Prior to that, it's hard to say as the evidence becomes sketchier. However, based on reasoning, higher heat-flows and thinner crust might have resulted in more rapid plate motion.

The kind of velocities that Faith declares is ridiculous in that it would produce such volumes of volcanic rock in such a short time that the planet would have been sterilized by the heat and the toxic gasses. The thought that this would have happened only 4000 years ago is laughable. And yet, Faith simply ignores this in a monumental exercise in denial.

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06-29-2019 9:04 PM
Reply to: Message 134 by 14174dm
06-29-2019 4:34 PM

Re: problem?
There is evidence of interruptions to deposition in the British Isles. ...

Across the bottom of the picture is Silurian layers that were laid down horizontally, lithified, then tilted by plates colliding. The tilt plates were eroded from the top and a layer of new sediment laid down & lithified (left center of picture).

What Faith doesn't get is that the deformation associated with rifting is different from collision. It usually starts with uplift and erosion followed by deposition and tilting. In fact, the tilting of the Old Red Sand (upper unite) in your image may be related to the rifting which began in the Permian. I'm not sure about that, but it is the type of deformation that I would expect. This type of plate margin is also called a 'passive margin' for obvious reasons.

The other problem is that I seriously doubt that anyone here knows where the new geological boundary of the Eurasian continental mass is in this area. I did an investigation of the geology once and it looked to be several hundred kilometers out to sea from the Irish and Scottish coasts toward Iceland. Frankly, it is a fascinating topic and draws one to the puzzle of Rockall Island.

So, in summary, we can confidently dismiss the mutterings of Faith when it comes to the geology of divergent plate boundaries.

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