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Author Topic:   "Best" evidence for evolution.
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03-17-2009 7:22 PM
Reply to: Message 67 by Taq
03-17-2009 5:55 PM

Re: Plants
I reallly like the example of corn because it contains all of the critical elements with a result that most anyone can understand. iirc the natural part of corn evolution was polyploidy followed by mutations in several of the duplicated genes. Then hoo-mons came along and further selected those genes further. I may have some elements wrong, as it has been many years since my evolutionary genetics class.

This is a great counter to the 'no new information' (or similar) argument. You have duplication of existing genes, then those genes mutate and the result is something brand new, an ear, a tassle, a soft seedcoat, etc that did not exist in the wild form.

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