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Author Topic:   "Best" evidence for evolution.
Richard Townsend
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03-09-2009 5:22 PM

Best evidence
For me, the best evidence for evolution is, as others have said, 'consilience' - a number of independent threads of evidence, without any attempt to force them to fit, do fit together. Genetics, palaeontology, biogeography, evo devo etc - all of it backed up by published research - wherever I look into something in my amateurish way I find the detail is there to back it up. Strength in depth.

examples I like :-

- the circulatory systems in human embryos go through a series of configurations, which are very similar to the embryonic circulatory systems of fish / amphibian / reptiles and then mammals - in that order!
- the cross checking of the dating of Devonian corals by measuring the number of daily growth lines per year and comparing to the predicted number of days in a year back then using the current number of days in the year and the observed rate at which the earth's rotation is slowing.

I also am amazed by some of the recent findings from genetics, any of which could have contradicted evolution, and none of which do. For example - the existence of pseudogenes, the fact that LINES and SINES generate an evolutionary tree that fits with trees generated based on other methods (I have been reading Sean Carroll's 'The Making of the Fittest which is an excellent book and introduced me to these concepts).

Finally, I'm also convinced by the fact that intermediate species seem to be being discovered almost monthly, in just the sediments they are expected to be in. Bats, athropods, birds, whales, fishapods etc. In a way, fossils are the most foundational evidence of all.

If God created all creatures, he / she did it in such a way that everything looks like the theory of evolution is true....

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