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Author Topic:   "Best" evidence for evolution.
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03-10-2009 3:15 PM

The best evidence for the theory of evolution for me personally is irreducible complexity.

IC is scientific and it is very clever in my opinion and it had the potential to break the ToE's neck.

Unfortunately it not only failed to falsify the ToE, but the fact that scientists were able to explain how IC parts of creatures were formed actually reinforced my confidence in the ToE. But I still admire Behe for it, since it was plausible and I learned how "IC" parts actually evolve thanks to Millers explanation during the Dover trial in response to Behe's hypothesis.

Edited by Simonster, : Put the third IC in quotes, since it became clear that there is no such thing as a IC part that couldn't have evolved as far as we know.

Edited by Simonster, : D'oh! It's called DoveR not Dove...

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