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Author Topic:   Where is the evidence for evolution?
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01-24-2003 6:41 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by drummachine
01-23-2003 9:30 PM

Well, just in general? In the published results of 150 years of research.
Most prominent evidence? IMHO, the very way nature is put together; the whole family three of species, ecosystems, food chains, the competitive nature of -nature.

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01-28-2003 2:37 AM
Reply to: Message 11 by peter borger
01-25-2003 8:07 PM

Peter Borger:
Design can be concluded from genetic redundancies. If they don't demonstrate association with gene duplication and do not change faster than essential genes they can be taken as proof for design. That's exactly what we see in life. So, the debate can be concluded: design.
Sorry for the late reaction, I dont come around this boar so often.
Could you elaborate a bit on the above? I can understand that in principle, some changes in essential genes will be weeded out by selection, whereas this will probably not happen in redundant (or receeding) genes, but can you point to any documentation that this has been verified? To my knowledge, our decoding of genes is still very incomplete, so are we at present able to say with any certainty which genes are redundant? Have we verified the exact role of the seemingly redundant genes?
Please, no abbeviations, I'm new here and I dont find it productive to guess at what various letter codes mean.
Cheers, Hans

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01-28-2003 10:55 AM
Reply to: Message 29 by John
01-28-2003 9:01 AM

Sometimes people's login IDs are abbreviated as well.
LMAO, U got me there, heheh. The MRC thingy is an old handle with no relevance to boards like this. I just stick to it so old friends may recognize me.
Yes, I later read up on GUToB. I hope Peter can educate me sometime, because off-hand I dont think it makes too much sense.

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01-29-2003 11:18 AM
Reply to: Message 36 by peter borger
01-28-2003 7:28 PM

Dear Peter Borger
I will seek to read those papers you suggested, provided they are available for me somewhere, but it may take some time. In the meantime: This theory of yours seems rather sensational. Also I have not seen it elsewhere. This is of course an appeal to authority, but, I think, a justified one, since I am not a specialist in molecular biology myself: Why is it this theory has not made a heavier impression throughout the scientific world? I do trust you have published it in the appropriate places?
Best regards, Hans
Edited to add "Borger" in the heading as I now realize that just "Peter" is a different poster. My error, sorry.
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