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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Where is the evidence for evolution?
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03-01-2003 10:02 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by drummachine
01-23-2003 9:30 PM

I'm new, too. I'm a Christian, but never entered into the argument before. Recently, I realized that Genesis 1:1 referred to the creation of the original earth. Today, we call it evolution, but I think if was more of a devolution because God doesn't create junk. I believe that man was created and satan, in his attempt to be greater than God, perverted the creation until it was slime. At that point, the world was destroyed by the FIRST flood, causing geological changes and the DESTRUCTION of life; thus the world became without form and void, Genesis 1:2. At that point, God gave the old world new life, such as we see it today. satan is still attempting to pervert this world, but there are more obstacles in his way. There is also a time table attached to this world. It will not have as many years to devolve. I know that this is not an accepted theory, but it came from a very HIGH SOURCE. YOU WILL NEVER FIND A TRANSITION BETWEEN THE TWO WORLDS. THEY HAD NO LINKAGE.

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