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Author Topic:   My problem with evolution
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Message 91 of 120 (23986)
11-23-2002 9:44 PM
Reply to: Message 58 by robinrohan
11-20-2002 6:51 PM

"A note on Creationists: I've been "arguing" with a few creationists lately out of curiosity to see what they thought, and I think I learned something. I think I realize now how their minds work (if they have minds and if they work). Dumb me, I thought it was about religion, but come to find out they think evolution is a left-wing political conspiracy, and that it is responsible for increasing crime, drug use, high divorce rates, and other societal ills. I had no idea."
--You watch too much Hovind material, whether for a good laugh or not, its effecting your mind!


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 Message 58 by robinrohan, posted 11-20-2002 6:51 PM robinrohan has not yet responded

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