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Author Topic:   Is evolution of mammals finished?
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04-11-2007 5:09 AM

Just a quick responce to how colors work..

White color basically means that the object/surface doesn't absorb any colors in the spectrum, meaning reflect back to you in their original amount (white).. Black on the other hand absorbs all colors in the visual spectrum, meaning none of the colors get reflected back.

Why are some original fruits red (notice why I dont say vegetables) or other bright colors, its because part of their reproductive cycle is done through transport by various other animals and sometimes bugs, being a bright color gives off that signal.

Why aren't original vegetables like that ??.. Because their reproductive system don't work from the edible area (usually underground) so the evolution of such colors would actually be a bad thing, as it would attract animals to eat it..

We put that color in because in some cases it may "look" tastier and in some cases they are used as decoration.

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 Message 195 by MartinV, posted 04-11-2007 4:29 PM Zucadragon has responded

Member (Idle past 2184 days)
Posts: 61
From: Netherlands
Joined: 06-28-2006

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04-11-2007 5:21 PM
Reply to: Message 195 by MartinV
04-11-2007 4:29 PM

Re: hmmm
You are boldly comparing coloration of animals to in this case coloration on mushrooms,(I'm not saying that you literally are making comparisons, but your moving from one to the other, from mushrooms to butterflies to whatever, meaning your crossing over) mushrooms in this case, fungus in other words has no need for any kind of other animal to transport it, it grows, throws out its conidia and when they land on an edible spot, a new fungus grows as it eats up all the decaying material (or living material, depending on what the fungus eats in this case, and I know eating is a very bad word, but it simplifies things so nicely)

You can argue that they all have different colors and darwinists dont have an answer. But it doesnt really matter in this case (and someone with more expertise in fungi might actually have the answer).. their reproductive system and their main functions are so completely different from plants and animals, that there really is no correlation. You're deluding yourself if you demand them to act the same way.

On the point where you quoted me, I might have written it in a wrong way, but what I ment was very simple. Humans genetically altered many fruits and vegetables to have tasty colors.

As for the decoration for fruits, I explained to you that the original color is appetising for other animals, they eat and poop out the seeds, its a great way to spread your seed so to speak.

For animals its a great way to show the fitness of an animal, survival of the fittest, in this case chosing the best partner.. Vibrant colors on the male or female of an animal. In many species of animal this are signs of a very strong male or female.. Very logical in other words.

Thats why they dare to explain complicated coloration on butterflies wings or changing colors of cephalophodes


Go there to check on Cephalopod, place close attention on the "mostly color blind" and "camouflage" parts, they explain it better then I Can. What more is there to say ??

And please, just read something about butteflies, like here:

Before you start complaining about it not being explained.

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 Message 195 by MartinV, posted 04-11-2007 4:29 PM MartinV has not yet responded

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