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Author Topic:   Evolving New Information
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01-22-2010 4:18 PM
Reply to: Message 407 by LucyTheApe
01-21-2010 7:59 AM

the chicken and the egg
If you try to put chicken nucleus into a human egg cell, the cell will try to produce a human, not a chicken. Similarly if you put human dna in a chicken egg, the egg will try produce a chicken, not a human. The cell contains its own information.

False. Eggs don't "try to produce" anything, they try to become what their nucleus tells them to become. If you put human DNA into a chicken egg, and zap it, it tries to become a human. It fails, because it doesn't have the right materials. This is similar to trying to run the more extreme versions of Microsoft's FrontPage extensions in a normal Mozilla browser. The code tries to be a badly-designed xml freakshow. It fails, because FireFox won't provide it with access to your raw memory areas. Not because it "tries" to be normal code.

We will very soon be sticking nucleus from our cheek cells into cow eggs and growing medicine to help us outlive you. You will hate that. You won't hate it because it's "trying to produce" a cow. That would just be bouillon. You will hate it because it tried to become a human.

Can't have your egg and eat it too.

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