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Author Topic:   Evolving New Information
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05-14-2009 9:30 PM
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A mosaic book which examines the causes of life and death by cobbling various scientific investigations into an unmistakable conclusion: Charles Darwin and creationist prove to be both right and the same.
Life on our planet has adapted to live in the Antarctic, thermal fissures, sulfur pools, near molten lava (extremophiles), fresh and salt water, as well as Florida and other more comfortable environs. Given that life is so virile and adaptive, why does it succumb to death just because it has lived? By embracing Darwin's work, studying it and determining its limits of application, we are left with a firm understanding of evolution (origin of species). The fit is great and supported by a wealth of evidence. Darwin's theory propels a very accurate understanding of the origin of species but not the origin of life and death. Evolution provides no answers or scientific explanation for the origin of life and death. This is not because Darwin's work is unfinished but rather because evolution has no application here. One of the main arguments employed by creationists against the theory of evolution is expressed in the form of a rhetorical question, how can chance mutations (mistakes) create all the complicated life forms we see? It is a good question. The question's underlying assumption maintains that evolutionists believe that organisms, which more recently evolved, are further evolved, improved and therefore more complex than earlier creatures on the evolutionary path. Indeed, most evolutionists believe this hierarchy of complexity. But what if that very first cell was in fact more complicated than all life that followed? The answer to this question places evolution and creationism on the same track. This book reveals their co-existence with an enormity of sceintific fact. This book reveals that evolution is God's creation to serve the life he also created. Darwin actually does more to prove the existence of a creator than anyone.

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