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Author Topic:   Evolving New Information
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07-18-2009 11:34 AM
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I'm brand new here, and this will probably be my only post because I'm crazy busy all the time... but I have what might be a stupid question -- because to me it's so obvious that it deflates the whole evolution argument instantly!! I'd love to hear to rebuttal from the evolution side (I'm a Christian who believes in a God-created universe and I don't buy the evolution argument at all). Here's my question:

If evolution is true, then why is it that every fossilized creature found (at least every one I'm aware of) was a fully functioning creature? I mean, if it had ear sockets, it had ears that could hear. If it had eye sockets, it had fully functioning eyes that could see. If it had arms and legs, it could crawl or walk -- where are the fossilized creatures that had the BEGINNINGS of ear sockets but not fully functioning ears because they were still "EVOLVING" into ears? Where are the fossilized remains of creatures that had small protruding stubs on their sides that were NOT functional as legs yet because they were still "EVOLVING" into legs? Or the very beginnings of a respiratory system that was NOWHERE NEAR functional as a complex functioning respiratory system because it was still in the early stages of "EVOLVING" into a complex respiratory system?

In other words, if evolution is supposed to be true, then show me concrete proof of body parts "EVOLVING" from dust & mud -- not ALREADY EVOLVED into fully functioning body parts!

Also, the very idea of evolution sounds silly to me because for a heart to "EVOLVE", there has to be blood for it to pump... so blood would have to "EVOLVE" simultaneously with the heart... along with a circulatory system of veins & blood vessels... and organs to cleanse and filter the blood... in other words, since all organs in the body work together in order to function properly and sustain life, the entire body would have to "EVOLVE" all at once for any of it to be useful or functional! That can't happen without a Creator guiding that process. If it could, then why can't we, with all of our high-tech computer technology and scientific know how, create a rabbit in a laboratory using only dust, mud and natural chemicals, and have that rabbit capable of reproducing itself with another lab-created rabbit, and have that rabbit able to see, hear, smell, taste, feel pain, sense danger, feel hunger, etc.?

Thanks -- I'm not saying I'm right, and I might one day buy the evolution argument if someone can show me concrete proof of the questions I've raised.


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