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Author Topic:   Peppered Moths and Natural Selection
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Message 258 of 350 (362542)
11-08-2006 2:16 AM

So wait a minute here
Is the original post claiming that if the population of moths becomes mainly black, or mainly white because of natural selection (survival of the fittest) that its an example of evolution??

Surely black moth > white moth isnt evolution in any educated persons mind.

moth = moth

If so, questions must be asked to help the ignorant find common sense. Such as:

Can this moth create a non moth?

Did the white moth cohabit with the black moth before the population changes due to the industrial revolution?

If these questions beg for yes answers, then either Im not geting the point of the original post about peppered moths or I AM getting the point and its author is ignorant and brainwahsed for someones personal agenda.

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