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Author Topic:   scientific end of evolution theory (2)
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07-09-2002 1:06 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by peter borger
07-08-2002 10:19 PM

You summarized some of your thoughts over in this thread:


I'll just repost my comments:


"The final devastating blow, that actually shattered the remaining pillar of theory of evolution (natural selection) was the recent discovery that the major part of genetic information seems to be redundant. Most genes can be knocked out without killing the organism, and a lot of genes have been demonstrated not to affect the fitness of the organism at all. These data demonstrate the irrelevance of natural selection in the maintenance of these genes (There has to be only one such gene and the concept of Natural selection has been falsified)."
--I don't think that natural selection is the 'last remaining pillar' to evolution. Though, the theory of evolutionary guidance through natural selection works amazingly well and can be and has been established as a factual observation through generations of heredity. That the major part of genetic information seems to be redundant is a bit interesting. However, this may then show that this redundant information can be rendered irrelevant to Evolutionary development. Evolutionary decent with modification deals with morphological diversification. And Natural selection is obviously at work (experimentally verifiable) in that it will morphologically modify by putting in use or leaving a section of anatomy with no function or as functional with little beneficial use. And morphology is capitulated by genetic phylogeny through heredity. Thus, the sequential nucleotide sequence in the genome of a population will only be controlled and evolutionary modified if morphology capitulates genetic sequencing in the genome. These are just my thoughts but going by just what you said, you may have discovered the largest vestigial structure in molecular biology. That is, if my post even made sense

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