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Author Topic:   scientific end of evolution theory (2)
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08-24-2002 11:26 AM


I am ready to defend your Alien theory of gravity with all of my resources. It is because our modern age has abandoned belief in the aliens that press down on our heads that all forms of sin and evil have become common in our country. It is the duty of every Alien believing person in this country to defend the theory of aliens pushing on our heads in order to protect our way of life from destruction.

To that end, I propose that we point out to scientists that they do not know how gravity works, and that they can not prove that aliens are NOT pushing down on our heads. Not only that, but the scientific establishments commitment to a purely materialistic explanation for gravity automatically and unfairly prejudices it against more plausible explanations such as alien head pushing.

If we are to defend our great nation against the growing tide of abortion, teen pregnancy, drugs, pornography, and other evils, we must defend the alien head pushing theory of gravity at all costs. To do less would be to side with Satan in a war against God himself.

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08-27-2002 12:49 PM

I know if we work hard, witnessing to those who will listen, that we can bring this nation back to a belief in aliens who press down on our heads to keep us from floating into space.

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08-30-2002 1:01 PM

Peter Borger's argument is this:

1. It appears that mutations are not completely random in the genome.
2. Evolution posits a "uniform" randomness.
3. Therefore these areas of non-random mutation must be from a process other than evolution.
4. Therefore this process is "directed" mutation.
5. This means that the coding of these genes was caused by intelligence and not a random process.
6. The only intelligence that could produce such genes is the Christian God.

I think that about sums it up. All dillydallying aside.. it's a pretty weak argument. It goes down in flames on #2. Evolution does not require mutations to be entirely random. It works well with not completely random mutations, and it also works with psuedo-random change, or any sort of stochastic process, where variation is generated in the genome that can be culled by selection.

In any case, you can't jump to #3, or to #4 without assuming facts not in evidence.

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