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Author Topic:   Is there really such a thing as a beneficial mutation?
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Message 71 of 223 (343104)
08-24-2006 6:54 PM

Topic alert

The topic is mutations, and the question of whether they can be beneficial.

The word "information" does not appear in the OP. It has been casually mentioned in subsequent posts. Then mjfloresta asserted that it was a central point in Message 34, and that has dragged the thread into a discussion of information. However, mjfloresta has utterly failed to connect that assertion about information to the topic of the thread, and has ignored a number of requests to do so.

I am ruling future discussion of increase/decrease in information as off topic for the current thread. By all means start a new thread, or use one of the existing open threads if you wish to discuss information. This thread should stick to the topic of mutations, and whether they can be beneficial.

PS: The OP does not mention body plans either. Further discussion of those will also be ruled off-topic.

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