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Author Topic:   Things evolutionists can't (or can???) explain?
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09-12-2003 1:18 PM
Reply to: Message 17 by Silent H
09-11-2003 11:57 PM

Re: Big Bang
Not too completely undermine what you said, but I think it's a little misleading to say these pairs can be created without energy input. If that were true they wouldn't need those humongous energy consuming particle accelerators to do their experiments.
I believe that the particle accelerators use electro-magnets to manipulate the path of particles inside the accelerator. The energy does not go into the actual reaction but rather into making sure they hit each other.
Something had to happen to the anti-matter that was initially created, or for some reason the rates of creation between matter and anti-matter are not completely equal.
While I find this an interesting natural phenomena to investigate, those of the religious bent could always cite this as evidence God had a hand in removing anti-matter so that we could exist.
Or maybe he seperated the matter from the anti-matter and the anti-matter universe is where the devil lives? Man I really loved the movie "Prince of Darkness".
Falls into the God of the Gaps category. What we can't explain is proof of God. It is a very weak argument from a logical standpoint, but still interesting. However, you would first have to show evidence of God manipulating matter/anti-matter for this to have any validity. You might as well say it was humans that traveled back to the first seconds after the big bang with knowledge of how to manipulate matter in order for us to live in a better world. No evidence supports either case, or rather the same weak argument supports both.
On a separate note, best wishes to the John Ritter and Johnny Cash families. We lost two of the greatest people in this world, we will all miss them.

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09-12-2003 7:52 PM
Reply to: Message 22 by Silent H
09-12-2003 3:16 PM

This is almost correct. In addition to manipulating the path of particles the accelerators do exactly what their name implies... accelerate.
They add energy to the individual particles so that when the impact occurs the amount of energy involved is quite large.
I agree with those points. The gist I was getting from earlier posts was that energy was being added directly into the reaction at the time of impact. More along the lines of the strong implosion that triggers nuclear detonation in H bombs. I am not an expert, so feel free to criticize, but I guess it comes down to this question: Are the velocities in particle accelerators equal to or less than those found outside the accelerator. For example, are gasses in a sun given enough kinetic energy (velocity) from heat so that matter/anti-matter are created due to their impact with each other? If so, the results from the particle accelerator are valid with respect to natural events.
It's the subatomic equivalent of banging two billiard balls together hard enough that a piano falls out.
Validation for E=MC^2. Hmm, creation of matter and no supernatural entity involved. Wonder how creation theory handles this one.

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