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Author Topic:   Things evolutionists can't (or can???) explain?
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09-16-2003 6:07 PM

ok lets start over
Now i am aware that evolution doesn't explain cosmology. Evolution only explains the origin of species. But with a naturalstic worldview, how DO you explain these things. These are questions that need answers whether you are an evolutionist or not, or whether evolution explains them or not. I think people should stop hiding behind other people's words and trying to psycho analyze everyone's posts and just answer the question. How would a natulralist explain the prior laws of science, and for my own personal curiosity, moral values. Where does the "instinct" of morality and conscience fit into this strongest survive motto. And also another un-related thing. Darwin himself said that if the fossil record does not prove his theory in the next few decades, it will disprove it. Not one species to species transformation exists in the earth, or at least none have been discovered yet. With the vast amount of different species on earth how is this possible in the evolutionists eyes. What lie is given to account for the disturbing lack of fossil evidence. (and i am not talking at all about man, or pre-man i am talking about cats and dogs and lizards and such the pre-man fossils are suspected to be fake so dont start a circular argument)

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