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Author Topic:   Is the eukaryotic cell a colony?
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04-05-2009 5:48 AM
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03-25-2009 10:49 AM

I am not a biologist, but have an interest in botanic. I am familiar with the evolutive process undergone by algae, that progressed from unicellular to multicellular organization via colony association. I know only superficially the endosymbiosis theory, but it seems to me a different process that colony. Basically colony seems to be an association, wears endosymbiosis seems to imply fagocitosys. Or may both processes be considered similar? What is your opinion?

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04-08-2009 2:06 PM
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04-05-2009 5:48 AM

Re: colony/endosymbiosis
I'm only an aspiring biologist, myself.
Endosymbiosis doesn't necessarily imply phagocytosis - it could develop from parasitism, for example. As I understand Margulis's original idea it was suggested that the original cilia cells would have lived as external symbionts in a colonial arrangement and then, over time, become more closely joined until they formed the arrangement we see today.
I don't think Dawkins meant the term 'colony' to be taken in any technical manner but simple as a group living together.

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