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Author Topic:   Kenneth R. Miller - Finding Darwin's God
Andya Primanda
Inactive Member

Message 12 of 94 (10773)
05-31-2002 11:09 PM
Reply to: Message 9 by Minnemooseus
05-30-2002 2:01 PM

Can't non-Christians use his views too? I am not a Christian, and I have his book (which is truly wonderful) but I find his theology uncompatible with mine.

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 Message 9 by Minnemooseus, posted 05-30-2002 2:01 PM Minnemooseus has replied

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Andya Primanda
Inactive Member

Message 23 of 94 (27957)
12-27-2002 2:07 AM
Reply to: Message 22 by Minnemooseus
12-27-2002 1:24 AM

Yes, and this quote is very interesting:
Professor Ken Miller: 'I think evolution is controversial for the same reason that you can start a fight in a bar by saying something about somebody’s mother. '

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 Message 22 by Minnemooseus, posted 12-27-2002 1:24 AM Minnemooseus has not replied

Andya Primanda
Inactive Member

Message 56 of 94 (171160)
12-23-2004 2:47 PM
Reply to: Message 51 by Sylas
12-16-2004 6:56 AM

Re: Miller not a theistic evolutionist
Whether Miller himself describes this as "theistic evolution" I do not know; but he is often described by others in those terms. A more detailed view of his theological perspective is available at Theological Implications of an Evolving Creation. In this essay, Miller endorses the term continuous creationist as expressing his view. Here is an extract:
The term "continuous creationist" has been used by both Wilcox and Moltmann as a useful label for a fully theistic view of creation involving a long uninterrupted creative history. According to this view God is continuously active in His creation through the processes that we investigate with our sciences.
Sorry Sylas... but that one is Keith Miller not Ken Miller of Finding Darwin's God fame.

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 Message 51 by Sylas, posted 12-16-2004 6:56 AM Sylas has replied

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