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Author Topic:   where was the transition within fossil record?? [Stalled: randman]
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Message 192 of 304 (254168)
10-23-2005 10:14 AM
Reply to: Message 5 by Yaro
09-20-2005 10:31 AM

Majority Accomodates Themselves
I believe in micro- but not macro- evolution


No such thing. What creationists call 'micro' and 'macro' are the same thing. Biologists make no such distinction.

Logically, micro and macro makes sense. There needs to be some term for designating between intra-species adjustments and bonafide transitional evolutionary progress. Why doesn't micro/macro fit this ticket?

It seems to me that the majority scientific view eliminates these provocative terms to weasle out of the debates these terms propose.

The immeasurable present is forever consuming the eternal future and extending the infinite past. buzsaw
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