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Author Topic:   Darwin- would he have changed his theory?
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10-22-2004 7:45 PM
Reply to: Message 102 by SirPimpsalot
10-22-2004 8:52 AM

HHmm make it a two man one woman search...

One of your claims from this show was that Plato called it an alloy of gold and copper? I'd like to see something from the dialogues that actually say this.

This is what I found...

by Plato
translated by Benjamin Jowett

Now Atlas had a fair posterity, and great treasures derived from mines--among them that precious metal orichalcum; and there was abundance of wood, and herds of elephants, and pastures for animals of all kinds, and fragrant herbs, and grasses, and trees bearing fruit

The outermost of the walls was coated with brass, the second with tin, and the third, which was the wall of the citadel, flashed with the red light of orichalcum

The roof was of ivory, adorned with gold and silver and orichalcum, and the rest of the interior was lined with orichalcum

The relations of the different governments to one another were determined by the injunctions of Poseidon, which had been inscribed by the first kings on a column of orichalcum in the temple of Poseidon, at which the kings and princes gathered together and held a festival every fifth and every sixth year alternately.

I don't see where a definitive gold/copper alloy is mentioned.


(ok..running off after yet another OT post )

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