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Author Topic:   Hurricane Katrina
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09-02-2005 12:59 PM

Where's god now?
Americans take so much for granted b/c life is so easy for the majority of us. We close our eyes to the poverty and near-3rd-world conditions in ou own backyards. We forget that just over 100 years ago 1/2 of babies born here died before their 1st birthday. One half!

It's so easy to believe in a loving, caring god when you are praying for a better job instead of any job. Or praying for a healthy baby instead of praying that you survive the birth while living in a remote village hours from any medical help.

Now that babies are dying in the streets of New Orleans, old people are dying in their wheelchairs, and children are being raped, I hope some of them will realize that they are on their own. There is no heavenly help. None at all. It's up to the government to help. The same government that the right-wing loonies are hoping to shrink small enough to sink in a bathtub. Well, you may have just gotten your wish. And good 'ol Bush gets on the air and the 1st thing he has to say is that Daddy and Clinton will seek PRIVATE funds to help out.

So it's up to god and private citizens to help the afflicted tens of thousands of refugees. Things aren't looking so good for them.

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