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Author Topic:   humor II
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05-18-2006 8:18 AM

Product recall
Edmonton, Alberta, May 17th, 2006
Totally pissed off at the terrible safety record associated with the human ankle, a hurting Dean Chesterman declared a recall on his body.
"it's a walking disaster"
Mr. Chesterman said as he mailed the Recall Notice to the intelligent designer, "I can't get through today without pain killers for my ankle, and the ID who cannot be named said I was so perfectly designed for bipedal locomotion!"
So far the list of safety issues include, a twisted ankle, torn knee ligaments, back spasms, hip arthritis, and general pain and swelling. All these issues are directly attributed to an incompetent intelligent designer, who did not fully test or even fully design the human body for walking. Mr. Chesterman's complaint started when he has twelve and has continued on and off over the last 35 years.
" Even FORD has learn to not release a Pinto without testing, but the ID who can not be named just never learns! Its incompetent clearly and the recall hopefully will resolve some of the issues."
Asked about his chances of success, Mr. Chesterman responded, "I've been praying for an improved prostate for 20 years and that hasn't happened, so the next steps have got to be through the courts."

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