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Author Topic:   Peanut Gallery
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12-09-2010 3:50 AM

A scientific flaw in Buzsaw's argument
From Message 33 in thread What variety of creationist is Buzsaw? (Minnemooseus and Buzsaw only):
Buzsaw writes:
One of my problems is with the SM position that the fossil date can be determined by the age it takes on from the sediment. The sediment is nothing but compacted and hardened old soil, tiny old rock/sand particles, minerals and other inorganic matter, having long existed on the surface of the old earth before being deposited around and/or in the fossil.
That would be tantamount to dating a house from the age of the material in it. No?
Actually, (and I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong on this) I think sedimentary rock isn't dated radiometrically. Instead, what they do is date the igneous rock that lies above and below a given layer of sedimentary rock, and infer its age to lie between the two. Since igneous rock is dated from the moment which it last solidified and formed a layer, it's possible to determine the relative age of fossils in the sedimentary layer.
So Buzsaw is arguing from a flawed understanding of how fossils are dated.

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