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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Peanut Gallery
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12-12-2009 1:23 AM
Reply to: Message 214 by New Cat's Eye
12-10-2009 2:25 PM

Re: Viv Pope and the Speed of Light Thread
He describes himself as a heretic which leads me to believe that his ideas haven't gotten very far in the scientific community. It seems to me that he is discarding a lot of physics to make room for his theory but I'm not an expert. New theories are usually met with skepticism, especially if they go against the status quo.
The following quote is from Viv Pope's web site:
Humanitarian implications. Something else worth mentioning is what has been emphasised by several readers of the POAMS literature. This is that the switch from a mechanics-based to an information-based science removes the traditional barrier between material science and the humanities. No longer can communication be regarded as just a no-account ’spiritual’ spin-off from fundamental mechanisms. Instead, communication becomes the very essence of reality in all its forms, especially in observation-based, or relativistic, physics. Moreover, if the universe were a Machine, then since there can be no morality in a machine, and if we and our society were no more than parts of that Machine, there could be no morality in our society — or at least, any appearance of morality and responsibility for our actions would have to be an illusion. Whatever we did or decided to do would be determined by our atoms. And insofar as religion of some sort is always a part of human society — a very important part in some instances — that would have to be an illusion also, since it would make no sense to worship a Machine, far less make supplication to it in prayer.
So POAMS, as these commentators perceive it, cures the underlying schizophrenia, or split-mindedness, of our Western society, manifest as it now is on all hands, between its twin foundations, Materialist Science and Christianity. This, they judge, should restore to our society some measure, at least, of the commonsense morality and humanity that a total preoccupation with the purely material benefits of classical science and technology has now all but excluded.
Has POAMS, then, succeeded in exposing the truth which Socrates sought to uncover beneath all the accumulated and ingrained speculative beliefs (of theoretical physics and cosmology in our case)? Well, if this purely logical, minimalist interpretation of the actual phenomena is not the truth that Socrates sought, then please, show us what is?
I would be very wary of any theory that tries to unify science and religon.
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