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Author Topic:   Who represents Christians if Falwell, Dobson and Robertson don't?
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01-28-2006 8:48 AM
Reply to: Message 100 by randman
01-28-2006 2:19 AM

Re: Duh
Actually, Jesus is not dead, and He more than represents Christianity, He is the whole of it.

You're missing the spirit of what schraf is asking. If non-Christians believe they cannot hear or communicate with this "living Jesus", then Jesus cannot be the representative of Christians to non-Christians.

Or, to be more frank, if he is the representative, then I don't see how he could be a good one. Even Geico made it's representative a talking Gekko. It wouldn't have been useful to have a silent, or one which speaks Bengali.

If your representative isn't seen or heard by the very people that he's supposed to be representing you to, then... that's not very good representation. It has nothing to do with whether Jesus is real, alive, or even if he's speaking and non-Christians aren't listening. If he's not being heard, then that's a crappy representative as far as I can tell.

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