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Author Topic:   DRUGS!
Pete OS
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05-16-2007 6:02 PM

I have never tried any illegal substance. I didn't even have a drink until I was 21. My wife and I started experimenting with alchohol around 23 but I didn't really settle down into any regular drinking pattern until 27 or so. I am now 28, and drink at least twice a week, and the average is creeping up to 3 to 4 times and a few weeks it was all 7 days. I never get drunk, just a nice happy buzz. But considering alchohol is both psychologically and physiologically addictive, I should know better. I have a very addictive personality. Its also expensive (even though I buy the cheapest alchohol there is: 1.75 Liters of Skol vodka for $8.99). It also pays a toll on my waist line. I am 28, around 10% body fat, and am just showing signs of a six pack, wanting to lose about 5 more pounds since I probably only have a few years left to look this good, and at the same time I am drinking completly uneeded dehydrating liquid at 60 calories an ounce.

I remember about a year ago while reading a introduction to forensic science textbook I bought used on Amazon; I learned about the different drugs and which were psychologically and which were physiologically addictive. I was suprised to see a yes on both for alchohol and a no on both for marijuana and LSD. It gave me pause about the whole legalizing of marijuana debate.

As for other drugs, I have had my share of the opiates through various surgeries and tooth complications. Hydrocodone (Vicodone, Lorcett) OxyCodone (probably Percocet). Let me tell you, that was GOOD stuff. It really changed my perception of drugs. 1) I knew why people took it. 2) I knew I was just as capable of becoming an addict as the next guy and 3) while I obviously don't condone their behavior, I have more compassion for those who get hooked on perscription drugs. Thankfully, my perscriptions would run out and not being the law breaking type, I didn't have any more access to them. (And yet, I can't wait for my next tooth problem:) I have read that you adjust to the euphoria pretty quickly and need larger and larger doses. Its probably best if I never get my hands on another bottle of these magic pills.

Now having read up on it, I would never try Heroin or Cocaine. But if it become legal, I might try LSD or marijuana.

Regrets? Its hard to say if I regret getting involved with alchohol. On the one hand, my wife and I have had some fun times with its use (always at home mind you). But the suddle pull to get a drink, even on nights where I am doing nothing but reading, is beginning to ramp up. And though I usually drink in moderation, I can tell I am not quite as sharp in whatever I am doing. And of coarse, I may be blowing my one last chance to look really good without my shirt on. I think the jury is still out. Let's see if I can get my drinking down to once a week and then I'll let you know.

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