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Author Topic:   Robert Byers is our new Bootcamp denizen
Posts: 4754
From: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Joined: 11-11-2003

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10-14-2004 7:45 PM

Robert Byers is now restricted to Bootcamp and will not be posting in the main fora for awhile.

I remind all regular posters to behave them selves when discussing things there.

I suggest to Robert that he propose a topic that he feels particularly comfortable with. This will make it easy for him to discuss it and, in the process, learn something about how to conduct himself.

I would like to point out, Robert, that a main issue that you need to learn to deal with is your habit of posting stuff you just make up. While you don't need to post evidence and reasoning in support of your assertions everytime you make them you do need to have that support available when asked. By now you should understand that you will be asked. I suggest that you have it available before you post. It wouldn't hurt if you got in the habit of supplying your reasons when you first make your assertions.

I expect that you will find that, in this protected environment, others will be willing to help you learn. You may post to suggestions and questions if you have any concerns or feel that others are not responing well.

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