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Author Topic:   When is A culture no longer "a" scientific culture.
Brad McFall
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09-23-2002 11:22 AM

Anne has made good us of the deconstructive silent letter "a" or "e" on various posts this tabled disucssion brings the board meeting up for and I would like to respond in a little mORe generality than the particularly detailed tact I have tried to maintain thus far...

I *DO* say that there is not longer such thing as A CULTURE (as Anne has been able to phrase){thus in correlary no single "scientific" culture either). There has been a time of internatioalization of science. Do I need to remeber metric change question? Maxwell made quite a bit adoo about something that he brought the scholarship of Ampere on to demonstrate that not only did one need attention to experimental form that Ampere's polished work remanded (but even by 1960 we had not sensitive enough equipment to discover if the slight inertia being described by this prior (prior to quarks etc) existed making possible the transition to the game theory of economics also after this "in" fact etc. but also to Farady's who showed his experimental mistakes forging a way of doing science that was material but did not need to start from an arrary of pure math formations and philosophy of form but was tactical, about candle light etc. The 90s had brought about NOT the resolution of this difference in biology that in the 60s recognized ITS OWN need of the same but rather the use of E C O N O mic forms in the exemplar of Gates' ecosystem of systems NOT INDEPENDEnT. Cornelll was not ready for its students to catch on so fast and instead still continues to profile this kind of manipulative writing as being ok to committ but still confused indpendent source and antother use of word "
independent" I have fotgotten in the course of writing this report. Instead I got disability for lack of the form existing and my brother went on the 90 to 6 figures $ making the forms that bypass that needed purerly in biology instead we have idea that information age become age of biology. That time has passed. Biology has lost. Let us hope that Food is not next which Einstein was able to "capitalize" on (the scientist must first create the crime and then solve it; next-- atomb bomb, cloning, global economic preveleges etc).

Thus it really can not be said that there IS such thing as a culture. There NEver was TWO cultures neither and the idea is not that this was known at the philsophy of science level as Phil Johnson (Darwin on Trial) found for Will Provine is not subtle enough to be such a philospher or Sage. Will IS transparent. The writing of evolutionary theory is too. But what is done with it is not.

How will c/e that IS NOT science survive this breach that is also not Freud's mystic writing pad??

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